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Completed Surveys

Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ)

Updated for the 2022-23 requirements, includes the three compulsory topics agreed by PSNC

What We Do?

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

Multi-platform survey

Multi-platform survey (SMS, email, online and paper based surveys)

Free SMS

100 free SMS surveys for each account.

Unlimited surveys

Unlimited surveys for one fixed price, you can complete unlimited surverys online.

Comply with NHS

Comply with your NHS contractual requirements

Real-time Results

Real-time results and analytics with graphical representation.

Report & Letters

Survey report, results poster & NHS local team letter


Multi-device Survey

Give your patients the best opportunity to complete the pharmacy questionnaire with multi-device survey forms.

With increasing use of smartphones and tablet devices, it is crucial that as a business you are able to offer your customers the pharmacy survey on their prefered device.

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Survey Requirements

You would need to select the number of returned surveys required for your pharmacy based on average monthly script volume (items). Select an option most appropriate for your pharmacy.

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Survey Progress

By clicking on the current survey tab, you can view the progress of your survey. The break down of online and paper based surveys, number of surveys completed and the remaining number of surveys.

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Multi-Platform Survey Forms

You can send a survey form online through email, SMS and also you can transfer the responses from a returned paper questionnaire. Your patient can choose the most convenient method of completing the questionnaire.

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Closing The Survey

Once you have the minimum number of returned questionnaires required for your pharmacy, you may close the survey by going to the results tab. This will open the review and analysis section of the system.

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Finalising Results

After closing the survey, you will be asked to review results for all questions and comment on each question. Also you will be required to select three areas for improvement and three strong performing areas and comment. This will appear in the final report.

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Survey Archives

In the archives tab, you can view all the previous survey documents that you have completed through the SurveyFocus system. You can view, download and print survey documents from here.

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“We had issues with filling the surveys and then calculating the results manually before using surveyfocus, after using survey focus we have saved a lots of time. Its simple and easy to use.”


Williams Chemist