Yes, the online and SMS forms can be sent to patients and the replies gets added to the database automatically. With the paper survey, when it's been returned by the patients, a member of the pharmacy staff would need to transfer the responses from the returned paper survey to the electronic survey form available in the online pharmacy account.

To do this go to www.surveyfous.co.uk and login to your account. Click on the survey form tab from the top menu and transfer the responses and submit the form. You should mark the paper form once the responses have been entered online.

A new survey can only be started after the expiry date of the previous survey. So with regards to the Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ), it ends at the end of March (31st March) so you can start a new survey from beginning of April each year.

You will need to make the payment for the new survey before starting. Visit the website for or contact the customer service desk for more details.

Once you have logged-in to the system, select the current survey tab from the top menu. At the bottom of the page, there is box where you can type the patient's email address, you can also send multiple email by entering a comma between the email addresses, and click on the send button.

The patient will receive an online version of the survey form and once they complete and submit it, the responses will get registered in the database. The form they fill in is also saved and can be viewed from the online portal.

Once you have logged-in to the system, select the current survey tab from the top menu. At the bottom of the page, there is box where you can type the patient's mobile number. The message is present as a template with the link to the survey, click on send button to send the SMS survey.
If you can not remember your password then do not worry, you can reset it. Go to the login page of www.surveyfocus.co.uk and click on forgot password link under the login section. Enter your email address in the box and submit.

A link will be sent to your email, clicking on that link will take you to a page where you can set a new password. If you have any issues in following the above process then get in contact with the help desk.

You can close the survey once you have achieved the minimum number of returned surveys for your dispensing volume or when the survey year ends on 31st March. To close the survey, go to the result tab and the close survey button is on the left menu.
Finalizing report involves going through the results of the survey question by question and commenting on each question. These comments with the results will show up in the survey report which will be generated following the completion of the finalisation process.

So you must comment on the results of all survey questions and also select six questions from the left menu dropdowns. These six questions are for the letter that should be sent to the local NHS England team. Three of the questions should be areas which you can improve on and the other three should be well performing areas.

Go to survey form tab from the top menu and click on the print button to print out copies of the survey form with your pharmacy name and address, as and when you need it.
All the surveys carried out on SurveyFoucs gets stored in archives tab. You can open all the different documentation of the surveys as PDF files to view, download or print.
You need to enter any paper based surveys, that are returned by patients, into the system. Login to your pharmacy account with SurveyFoucs and click on the survey form tab from the top menu. Transfer all the responses from the paper based survey on to the electronic form and submit the form once completed. Mark the paper survey form as entered so you know that it has been entered on the system.
Select the current survey tab from the top menu and you will see the stats for the current survey. It gives you a breakdown of how many returned surveys are online and how many are paper based. Any survey form which you send to patient through email or by SMS are considered online and any paper survey responses that you transfer through the survey form tab are considered paper based surveys.

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