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Community Pharmacy Satisfaction Surveys


This section is about why you visited the pharmacy today

1 Why did you last use our pharmacy service? To get an item for:
2 If you had a prescription delivered, how satisfied were you with the timescale?
3 If you used our pharmacy for another NHS service, how satisfied were you with the time it took to provide this service?
4 Thinking about any previous use of our pharmacy services, as well as today, how would you rate the pharmacy on the following factors:

a) the ease of contacting our pharmacy

b) the ease of being able to speak to a pharmacist

c) having in stock the products you need

d) the quality of the packaging used for the delivery of your product(s)

e) having someone available to deal with any problem after a delivery of a product or service

f) the condition in which you received your prescription

5 Again, including any previous use of our pharmacy services, how would you rate the pharmacist(s) and the other staff who work there?

a) Being polite and taking the time to listen to what you want

b) Answering any queries you may have

c) The service you received from the pharmacist

d) The service you received from the other pharmacy staff

e) Providing an efficient service

f) The staff overall

6 Thinking about all the times you have used our pharmacy, how well do you think we provide each of the following services?

a) Providing advice on a current health problem or a longer term health condition

b) Providing general advice on leading a more healthy lifestyle

c) Disposing of products you no longer need

d) Providing advice on health services or information available elsewhere

7 Have you ever been given advice about any of the following by the pharmacist or pharmacy staff?

a) Stopping smoking

b) Healthy eating

c) Physical exercise

8 Which of the following best describes how you use the services of this pharmacy?
9 Taking everything into account - the staff and the service provided - how would you rate this pharmacy?
10 If you have any comments about how the service from this pharmacy could be improved, please write them in here:

Max 250 characters allowed

11a After you receive services or advice from us, we may retain some of your health information so that we’re best placed to help when you next visit the pharmacy. We always ensure this information is safely stored and kept absolutely confidential. Are you unhappy with our procedures or do you have any concerns?
11b In certain circumstances, the pharmacy may need to ask your consent to share your data with another healthcare professional to support your care. We will never pass on your health information without your express permission. Has the pharmacy ever asked for your consent like this?
11c Whenever the pharmacy has asked for your consent, do you feel that your wishes were respected?
12 How old are you?
13 Are you…
14 Which of the following apply to you:

What is this about?
At IPHARMACY DIRECT we are asking NHS patients to fill a short questionnaire about the service we provide. This is an anonymous survey and the results will help us to improve the services we provide at the pharmacy. Please complete the survey and press on the submit button to send your responses to us. Alternatively, you can complete a paper survey form at the pharmacy.
Thank you for your time.